Better safety and reliability

Lower total ownership cost

Seamless integration

Easily expandable and better flexibility

The next generation of diesel engine protection

Based on 30 years of experience, JB Safe Diesel specialises in protecting diesel engines intended for use in Hazardous area (Zone 2).

As a one-stop-shop for control, monitoring and protection of diesel in hazardous area. Products, systems and solutions designed and developed inhouse by our engineers, based on decades of experience designing and integrating diesel safety, fire & gas and shutdown systems for the high demanding Norwegian and British Oil & Gas industry. We are 100% dedicated and focused on safe diesel-power for the Oil & Gas industry – no “sidetracks”.

We cover the complete range for converting the diesel engine for hazardous area, starting with the basic; SafeCooler™ exhaust gas cooler kit solutions. Continuing with the innovative and flexible 3GHI Protection™ safety and DECAM™ Diesel Engine Control systems.

For the packager who want to leave the diesel in hazardous area scope to the specialist, while focusing on the endproduct themselves, our innovative and flexible SafePack™ packages, SafeGen™ diesel generators are highly appreciated.

We have solid experience in supplying equipment that meets even the most stringent regulatory requirements, regulations, standards, certifications and technical documentation demands. All products will be in accordance with local requirements such as ATEX, IECEx, NORSOK Z-015, IEC61511 etc.

Based on 30 years of global O&G experience with diesel and other safety systems, JB Safe Diesel has undertaken obligations continue being the up-front delivering the Innovative and sustainable solutions for the global energy industry.

We offer the customer: 

  • The flexibility to choose.
  • A thorough follow-up service and fast response time.
  • A “One Stop Shop” solution, with our own safety system 3GHI Protection™ , the flexible  DECAM™ Diesel Engine Control and Monitoring system and our  SafeCooler™ kit solutions.


We offer our Customers a wide range of products,  with a high degree of flexibility in performance, specifications and price .

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