Diesel Engine Safety System


3GHI PROTECTION™ bringing diesel engine safety system to the next level.

This next generation safety system combines reliability, safety and user-friendliness in a unique way and will give the entire system ‒ including the diesel engine ‒ the safest PROTECTION available for Zone 2 operations.

3GHI Protection™, the first 3G diesel safety system possessing a SIL level according to EN 61511, incorporates 2G certified fire & gas detection for use in Zone 1, in compliance with NORSOK Z-015 and DNVGL-ST E272. 

Designed and developed in-house by our engineers, based on decades of experience designing and integrating diesel safety, fire & gas and shutdown systems for the high demanding Norwegian and British Oil & Gas industry. By combining with our control and monitoring module DECAM™, get the complete state of the art diesel safety, control and monitoring system.

To underline the flexibility, there are several standard options for the control panel:

  • Both 3G and 2G options (for zone 2 and zone 1)
  • 5”- 15” HMI touchscreen options
  • Remotely connected (with/without local screen)
  • ATEX and/or IECEx
  • Aluminium or Stainless Steel (ss316)

Operate your unit in hazardous area (Zone 2) without exhaust flame arrestors

The 3GHI PROTECTION™ system eliminates the need for an exhaust flame arrestor on the exhaust gas cooler, not only securing longer operating times but also protecting the health and fuel economy of the engine far more efficiently than traditional flame arrestor systems. Our diesel engine safety system is certified by notified body DNV GL.

The 3GHI Protection™ – diesel engine safety system

  • 100% independent and standalone safety system.
  • Certified by Notified Body for operation without exhaust flame traps.
  • ATEX and/or IECEx compliant.
  • DNVGL-ST E272
  • Field instrumentation conforming to NORSOK Z-015.
  • Up to SIL 2 according to EN 61511.
  • In compliance with EN 50495:2010.
  • In compliance with NOG070 guidelines for applications of IEC 61508 and 61511 in the petroleum activities on the continental shelf.
  • Easy to integrate into existing control, process or plant system, standard Field Bus.
  • SIL 2 fire monitoring integration possible.
  • Gas signal for process or plant system up to SIL 2 according to EN 61511.
  • Easy integration of additional equipment such as transmission, pump and fire detection for safety and explosion protection.

The 3GHI Protection™ – major advantages:

  • No special solutions – the system is designed with standard equipment.
  • No special electronic cards.
  • No flame arrestors in exhaust.
  • No calibration needed.
  • Prepared for integration with DECAM™ Diesel Engine Control and Monitoring system.
3GHI PROTECTION - diesel engine safety system