Diesel Engine Control and Monitoring System

DECAM™ – Diesel Engine Control and Alarm Monitoring, bringing engine operation to the next level


Designed and developed in-house by our engineers, based on decades of experience designing and integrating diesel safety, fire & gas and shutdown systems for the high demanding Norwegian and British Oil & Gas industry


  • User friendly touch interface with active guiding system.
  • Plug & Play.
  • Engine service scheduler with reminders 
  • Remote control and monitoring via single Ethernet cable.
  • Remote monitoring and reporting via wireless offshore 4G connection enabled onshore on site and offshore in the North Sea (UK and NO) and Gulf of Mexico.
  • Suitable for mechanical and electronic engines.
  • ECM parameters readout (only for electronic engines).
  • Prepared for integration with3GHI™ Protection.
  • Developed in close cooperation with equipment users.
DECAM monitor

DECAM™ – safety starts with Operator

Clear interface and active guiding system are crucial for equipment used by multiple operators. DECAM™ our control system for diesel engine is the best choice for temporary and rental equipment. By integrating our 3GHI Protection™ diesel safety system module, you get our complete stats of the art diesel safety, control and monitoring system.

To underline the flexibility, there are several standard options for the control panel:

  • both 3G and 2G options (for zone 2 and zone 1)
  • 5”, 7”, 9” and 15” HMI touchscreen
  • Remotely connected (with/without local screen)
  • ATEX and/or IECEx

DECAM™ – beyond engine flywheel

The system can be configured with additional plug-and-play layers. Every application layer brings extended control and monitoring features for:

  • HPU
  • Crane
  • Compressor
  • Pump unit
  • Generator set
  • Nitrogen unit
DECAM - screen

DECAM™ – benefits

  • Cost reduction – single control system for complete application.
  • Remote control.
  • Space saving – single HMI interface.
  • Dual certification – ATEX & IECEx.
  • Equipment packagers (turn key provider) logo and contact detail available through info screen.
DECAM screen