JB Safe Diesel is a privately held company, owned by founders and employees, representing decades of experience designing and integrating diesel safety, fire & gas and shutdown systems for the high demanding Norwegian and British Oil & Gas industry. There are no external investors or owners.

All started with the realization of the industries lack of a modern and flexible diesel safety system, covering all needs regarding rules and regulations in addition to be natural integrated in the complete package.

The founders are representing a mixture of experience and knowledge from dieseldriven eqiupmet packagers and engineers from diesel safety and control systems engineers and fire & gas and shutdown systems – in addition to project management in the same industry niche. Having all knowledge and experience inhouse, the 3GHI Protection™ were developed and certified by DNV GL Presafe.

Knowing the existing market and products very well, the choice of exhaust gas cooler manufacturer were natural, and Safe Offshore Systems (SOS)  became the supplier for this.

Safe Offshore Systems was founded in UK late 80’s by Tom Allan. After spending almost a year developing the unique fintube, he made the new basic design of the exhaust gas cooler, the today known and accepted design of the “3 split” boxes making it a lot easier to clean.

From the premises south of England, SOS for the next 3 decades supplied a significant number of exhaust gas coolers to UK, Norway and the rest of Europe, Singapore and FE, UAE and ME, Africa, Amerika etc.

Tom Allan did continuously develop the product in close contact with the customers, personally traveling worldwide getting feedback and discuss directly with the customer and user. 

During the industries development and happenings in the market, it became obvious that having the technical market leading technology and solutions for the safety system, 3GHI Protection™ and the exhaust gas cooler from SOS, special developed for the O&G industry, on one platform was natural. Together a complete product, representing the technical market leader .

JB Safe Diesel bought the IP, knowhow and showhow from SOS, and moved the production from UK to Norway.

Resulting in a several years long 3 step process started, in close cooperation SOS-JBSD, making sure the SOS product and experience were maintained – including integrating the knowledge and design into modern computer technology.

In addition to keeping the existing design, the mission has been to transfer the knowledge to be able to develop new designs for new engines at the same quality level. In addition to continue the continues improvement of the existing ones – all in close cooperation with SOS/Tom Allan. 

Having secured the 30 years fieldproven SOS exhaust gas cooler, now branded SafeCooler™ still will be supplied to the market with or without combining With the market leading safety system 3GHI Protection™ and control module DECAM™, it is defined truth:

Based on 30 years of global experience with diesel and other safety systems, JB Safe Diesel has undertaken obligations continue being the up-front delivering the Innovative and sustainable solutions for the global energy industry.