Power generation in potentially hazardous area

May 31, 2021

drawing of power generation

Power generation in potentially hazardous area may be challenging considering complexity of the drivetrain combined with specific ex requirements for mechanical and electrical equipment. Therefore, JB Safe Diesel developed range of SafeGen™ diesel generators which are fully compliant with ATEX/IECEx certification schemes without compromising the basic functionality known from standard generator sets.  

SafeGen™ is leading solution for power generation in potentially hazardous area thanks to:  

  1. Diesel engine with water-cooled exhaust manifold and turbine to limit surface temperature below T3 temperature class (200degC). 
  2. Exhaust gas cooler to limit exhaust gas temperature and surface temperature. 
  3. Intake flame arrester to prevent flame transition from the engine intake system. 
  4. Exhaust flame arresters to prevent flame transition from the exhaust system. Need for exhaust flame arresters can be waived by using active gas detection system combined with air intake shutoff valve. 
  5. Crankcase breather flame arrester to prevent flame transition from the engine crankcase. 
  6. Lockable oil filler and oil dipstick to maintain flameproof properties of the crankcase. 
  7. Third party approved generator suitable for operation in potentially hazardous area. 
  8. Third party ex approved flexible coupling. 
  9. Third party ex approved digital voltage regulator to provide stable voltage output and allow for reactive power sharing between two generator sets. 
  10. Third party ex approved external speed governing system to provide stable frequency and allow for active power sharing between two generator sets. 
  11. Radiator cooling system with anti-static fan blades and drive belts 
  12. Functional protection system for diesel engine according EN1834-1 covering overspeed, high coolant temperature, low oil pressure, and high exhaust temperature. 
  13. Functional protection system for generator covering undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, underfrequency, over frequency, voltage and current unbalance. 
  14. Generator set control system with ex approved control panel and HMI for user friendly operation and clear data presentation. 
  15. Ex approved generator breaker panel with short-circuit protection. 
  16. Third party approved spark arrester to prevent spark transition from the exhaust system. 
Exhaust Flame Arrester

Exhaust Flame Arrester


SafeCooler and generator