SafeCooler™ Exhaust Gas Cooler

The basic product for diesel engines in hazardous areas is SafeCooler™ JB Safe Diesel’ exhaust gas cooler.

The core material in the build of JBSD’s SafeCooler™ is the Fin Tube, unique to all JBSD’s exhaust gas coolers with a reliable global field service that now extends beyond 25 years.  The SafeCooler™ are extremely efficient which translates into versatile and compact designs that suit all applications, engine types and sizes. A robust component with a proven track record for successfully tackling a hard job.

JB Safe Diesel manufactures and delivers complete hazardous area SafeCooler™ kits that include:

  • Air inlet shut down valve.
  • Air inlet flame trap.
  • Engine crankcase breather flame trap.
  • Exhaust flame traps.
  • Exhaust flame trap dummies.
  • Positive lock oil filler cap (where required).
  • Positive lock oil dipstick (where required).

Explosion proof SafeCooler™ kits are suitable for use with engines from many different manufacturers including Volvo Penta, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, MTU, Perkins, Deutz and others.

Combining the SafeCooler™ kits with JBSD’s DNV GL certified 3GHI Protection™ system, gives the best and most innovative, flexible and user-friendly solution available, while still fulfilling the requirements.

SafeCooler™ Exhaust Gas Cooler

Product range of SafeCooler™ Exhaust Gas Cooler kits for Hazardous Area (Zone 2):

  • SafeCooler™ 100, up to 100HP.
  • SafeCooler™ 200, up to 200HP.
  • SafeCooler™ 300, up to 300HP.
  • SafeCooler™ 400, up to 400HP.
  • SafeCooler™ 500, up to 500HP.
  • SafeCooler™ 600, up to 600HP.
  • SafeCooler™ 700, up to 700HP.
  • SafeCooler™ 800, up to 800HP.
  • SafeCooler™ 900, up to 900HP.
  • SafeCooler™ 1000, up to 1100HP.
  • SafeCooler™ 2000, up to 2000HP.
Other ratings also available.
SafeCooler™ kit